Insurance Claims

Like automobiles are not all the same, neither are insurance companies. Almost all insurance companies today have what are referred to as “DRP” direct repair relationships in which they outsource appraisal and administrative duties to repair facilities in which they refer work.

Unfortunately while there are some conveniences to this arrangement it can often create a conflict of interest as the repair facilities are tied to the insurance company sending them work rather than the individual customer.

At Houston Astro Collision and Auto Body Center our customer always comes first…we are not willing to compromise quality nor our commitment to customer service for any insurance program in return for volume. We will only participate in DRP insurance programs that do not ask us to make any concessions on quality or repair techniques. We continually monitor these programs and work as your advocate throughout the entire repair process.

If you have insurance or someone with insurance damages your vehicle, we can process a claim for you !

Some insurance companies have special deals with body shops that agree to do economy repairs using cheap knock off parts and questionable repair methods. Texas State law clearly states that a insurance company can not require you to have your vehicle repaired at a specific repair shop. To get around this law some insurance companies use carefully rehearsed word tracks that use fear, intimidation or manipulate the facts when discussing the claim. We are eager to Help You get quality repairs. Houston Astro Collision Auto Body Center is THE ONLY BODY SHOP that will stand up for your rights!

Please take the time to educate your self about claim practices, these are your leagl rights and it is vital that you make an informed decision. Our opinion is that the  safe repairs to your vehicle is the priority.

Please inquire to me directly for any specific questions
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