Sales/ Marketers/Promoters: Collision Consultants

Description: Self starter money motivated individuals only. No training provided. HIGH COMMISSIONS. Experienced in high volume collision repair sales. Experience
 preferred but not required. (HIGH DEMAND) if you feel this is a position for you contact us anytime.

Are you are experienced an marketer that produces with High volume sales? Work for a different company? Prove your income from your current employer and we will increase your salary  by $20,000 plus  if you come aboard with us.


Bodyman: experienced

Pay: commisioned. call “clear $1000 weekly

Painter: Experienced

Pay: call

Graphic designer:

Job description: Pt position. Work from home work and own schedule.
Graphic design and video editing experience required. Experienced in commercials editing and Final cut pro.
Pay: Call

We are an equal opportunity employer. Background checks not necessary. If you are experienced and  feel that you could be an asset to our company there is a job for you.  MARKETERS, SALES, Promoters are in high demand.